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Content Samurai Review Article

Avid marketers are always looking for new edges to match up with new trends and demands for online marketing. For years, written content has been regarded as king in traffic generation, but a study of trends by Cisco shows that content delivered through video is taking over.
Cisco approximates that by 2020, video traffic will represent 82 percent of all web traffic, as search engines now tend to favor videos over text. So, any marketer serious about their trade will definitely want to incorporate professional videos into their marketing strategy and boost conversions to a whole new level.
The best course of action, however, would be investing in a great tool for creating stunning content videos, instead of hiring video professionals because the process could easily cost thousands of dollars. Well, this is where Content Samurai comes in.
We’ve prepared a detailed Content Samurai review, covering every facet that you’ll need in order to make an informed decision.

What is Content Samurai?

Content Samurai is an intelligent and tech-friendly video creation software tool, designed to help marketers create high-quality, professional, marketable videos quickly and easily. Whether you want to create video sales letters, product videos, reviews videos, or training videos, Content Samurai got you covered.
This video creation software was developed by Noble Samurai, a company well-known in building and developing cutting-edge software and other applications chiefly to maximize marketing success for internet marketers.Okay, let's continue this Content Samurai review by discussing the software's features.

Content Samurai Features

Script to Video
Content Samurai uses an automatic text to speech technology, which reviews your script (article, blog post, advertisement, or sales letter), cuts it into small sections, fills it into slides, and then formats the text. The process has been broken down to incredibly simple steps, allowing you to create videos in seconds with the push of a button. You can write, or simply copy paste your video script on the video creation section. Also, there are over 30 popular fonts you can take advantage of to get the most out of this process.

You’re offered other plenty of option to customize your video, including bolding Keywords, Selecting Layouts, Animating Texts, Selecting Images, Linking Slides, and Adding Images.

Stunning and Customizable Video Templates

When you hit the “create a new video” button, you’ll be required to choose your preferred video template. The good news is — you’ll surely be spoilt for choice, as Content Samurai is loaded with over 40 captivating video templates to spice up your presentation. So, make sure you play around with the available options to see what works best for your brand.

Over 112 Million Royalty Free Images

Another really cool part about Content Samurai is that, it offers a huge library of over 112 million quality stock images that you can choose from to create custom videos that meet your marketing needs.

The more interesting part is, without a doubt, the auto-intelligent image selection ability of the software. It has been designed to analyze your scripts and then intelligently suggest the appropriate images for your video from the library. If you don’t like the suggestions, just import your own images and this video creation tool will link them all together and animate them.

Unlimited Videos
Unlike other video creation software tools, Content Samurai allows you to create as many professionally-looking videos as you want. The only limitation is your imagination. With this feature, you can save a substantial amount of money in
the long run.

Landscape and Square Video Formats
Content Samurai offers both the square and Landscape video formats. Landscape format is ideal for videos that will go on your blog and website, or when your viewers are desktop users. If you’re targeting social media or mobile users, then square video format would be the right fit.

Automatic Sync of Audio and Visuals
The software also allows you to not only record your own voice audios, but also synch them all perfectly together with visuals. Since your video script is often broken into short sentences, recording the whole thing is even made a lot easier. To record your own voice track, just click the record button on the sentences or paragraphs you’re currently focusing on. Alternatively, you can upload music of your choice or a voice track you had previously recorded.

Previewing Feature
The preview section allows you to verify if the software correctly synched your audios or music with the text slides in the finished video. If you ever want to change the duration of a certain slide, then use the handy “Adjust Manual Timing” button. Next is this Content Samurai review we will cover it's main benefits.

Content Samurai Benefits 

Fast And Easy To Use
You don’t need any technical knowledge in video creation and editing in order to use Content Samurai. The application is designed with pure simplicity in mind. With just the push of a button, you can create stunning marketing videos from scratch, within a few minutes and then download them to your blog and websites right away.
If you are not happy with some parts of your video creation, you can easily go back and make edits or include any information you previously missed.
Video Creation Software without Watermarks
We like Content Samurai because it does not leave a watermark into your videos. Instead, the software allows you toupload your own watermarks and enhance branding.
30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you’re unhappy with the software quality, then you can contact the responsive and friendly customer support team to cancel your subscription and offer you a refund. Be sure you reach out to them within the 30 days after purchase. Before this Content Samurai review concludes it's important to mention how much it will cost.

Content Samurai Pricing

Content Samurai would normally cost you $47 a month which is already a great price for this amazing video creation tool, but you can use our special link to take advantage of the free 7-day trial here (No Credit Card or Payment info Required) to get a feel of what to expect from this tool. There are no limitations and you can create as many videos as you like.
At the end of your trial you will be given the option to continue using the software at a special 25% discount for the lifetime of your account.

Final Thoughts Of This Content Samurai Review

If you’re looking for a video creation software tool with a user-friendly interface that converts scripts to professional looking marketing videos in a timely fashion, then you can’t go wrong with Content Samurai. The software is loaded with quite rewarding features that negate the price issue, which may be worrying for some marketers. This easy-to-use application will surely meet and even exceed your expectations.

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